Why Small is Still Beautiful ?

When Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered  was published in 1973 by the German-born British economist E. F. Schumacher it argued the idea that “small, appropriate technologies, policies, and polities” could be seen as a superior alternative to the mainstream ethos of "bigger is better". That small could be better was a radical idea from the celebrated intellectual but it has made his little book one of the most influential of the last 50 yrs. In an age of large international departmental stores offering competitive & modern photo printing services it still questionable what advantages are there for local people in dealing with a small design and print bureau. However GoldenCollages.com offers several advantages over such a national departmental store. Here they are:
  • Personalized Attention: we offer a more personalized and attentive service. Its somewhat of a cliché but its hard to beat dealing with people whose specific job it is to know your specific needs, preferences, and goals, and join them to tailor-made solutions that make you laugh with happiness. Thats the general idea.
  • Expertise and Specialization: however small design bureaus such as GoldenCollages.com also specialize in specific design niches and photo collage products that larger stores simply can never offer. For instance, they will offer you a generic photo collage template for your precious memories but we customise the personal in the application of multiple photo composition techniques often layered one on another. We measure our canvas wraps to fit that space on your wall which is rarely a standard photo size. The scope of our design options, softwares and production equipment is endless but it shows up in exquisite detail.
  • Flexibility; this can mean almost anything but if you need your photo gift for the next day for a party in the middle of the county on a road with a handful of houses it means we can do it and it ll be there. Thats called an off the grid Happy Birthday Photo Collage.
  • Direct Communication: Dealing with a small design bureau often means direct communication with the creative team. The team though is usually two people (one which nearly always knows a friend of yours or a member of your family).
  • Quality Over Quantity: Smaller firms tend to focus on producing high-quality work rather than mass-produced, generic designs. The crux of designing digital photo collages is the joy we put into it. The details make the design but the design aims always for the big “Q-mark” ie quality.
  • Cost-Effective: Yes this benefit goes against whats called economies of scale but that part of the beauty of being small. All good quality products for instance our Family Tree history collage takes time to create and make and finish. Well our secret is this we put the time in at a competitive price but our wider aim is for our customers to come back to us again & again ie repeat business. Thats what evens out the scales. !
  • Ethical Considerations: Smaller design bureaus may align better with your ethical or sustainability values, the book suggests. Well if thats true we are not aware of it. We presume all our competitors are as ethical as we are and we hope look after their customers as well as we try. Everybody is surely doing their best !
  •  So while national departmental stores can provide a range of services and products, if you opt to support local businesses,and work with a small design business such as GoldenCollages.com not only will you be contributing to your local economy but you will be opting for a more personalized, specialized, and attentive experience that often leads to a superior result. There are many economic terms to describe this effect but we call it making our customers into friends and making their memories into artworks.
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