How to Scan Old Photos & Memorabilia (certs, medals, etc.)

It is prudent to scan to scan old polaroid snaps, family photos in a family album before they fade, tear or even get lost. And other important items of memorabilia (eg. medals, certs, invitations, tickets, etc..). You thereby preserve a record of them for future family generations which you can also easily send to another as a digital file. There are 3 things to do-


Stage 1- Sort Out & Prepare Pics

  • Be Selective: pick out your favourite photos, etc.
  • Avoid Refections: remove from album plastic or glass.
  • Background: use a plain or a simple white background.
  • Lighting: use natural lighting, avoid strong light sources and flash.
  • Position: shoot directly above the pic, get close, keep focus, avoid shots at an angle, be still.


Stage 2- Record Pics

There are three ways to capture a digital image of an old pic/document.

  • Photo Store: go to any Photo Printing Store and ask for the Scanning Service. This is a quick & economical way to scan large numbers of old pics.
  • Mobile/Cell Phone: with your mobile/cell phone take a photo of your old pic. Or for more control download Google PhotoScan, the free app for Android or iOS. This app promises glare-free scans and keeps your pics straight.
  • Flatbed Scanner: scanning an old photo on a flatbed scanner is a straightforward process. It is excellent but it may take some time.


Stage 3- Send Pics in one Folder

Finally, it is important to put all your photo files (ie digital pics, scanned old pics) into one folder before you send. With you need only select the folder to send everything in folder. 

- Note with you do not need to login or set up an account to use their service.)

- Note reviews all the files and corrects, straightens and enhances any pics that require their quality to be made better for the final artwork.