Premium Wall Décor

Transform your bespoke collage into a quality interior design piece. You can have your image printed on -

  • canvas wrap
  • acrylic glass 
  • aluminium metal
  • fuji photo paper
  • digital file

For more professional printing options just message. Enjoy your own personal interior design !


Fuji Photo Print

Standard borderless print, with semi-gloss finish and excellent colour reproduction. These can be framed in a standard picture frame size.


Canvas Wrap

Fine textured canvas which is stretched over a handmade wooden frame. These are ready to hang on your wall.


Metal Print

An aluminium metal print captures crisp detail and offers brilliant colour and contrast and are of archival quality. They can be hung borderless or mounted within a frame.



Acrylic Glass

With a contemporary borderless design and hand polished surface, acrylic prints give photos a striking depth effect. They come with metal wall hangings.