What is the Best Size to Print my Collage Artwork ?

They are many different sizes and ratios ie. square, portrait (upright), landscape (wide). Just click on each link below to compare the various sizes against a standard size sofa/couch. Please remember:

1 The greater the number of pics in the collage artwork then generally the bigger print size you will need to choose. 

2 Look at the space on your wall you intend to hang your collage and assess your overall interior space and see what shape (ie ratio) looks best.  Bear in mind, most collages are best as landscape when most pics to be used are also landscape. 

3 The print size also determines the max. number of pics to be used in the collage. But this is only a critical issue if you choose a too small print size and have too many photos. For example, in a 12x8 in. print that has 40+ pics it gets difficult to distinguish the people and the composition just does'nt look right. When you have only a few pics but want a large print thats not a problem at all to look well. 

Comparative Size Charts:

see landscape collages

see square collages

see portrait collages