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Design a Custom Art Gallery Wall | Your Art Theme | True to Scale for Your Wall Space | Professional Design Service

Design a Custom Art Gallery Wall | Your Art Theme | True to Scale for Your Wall Space | Professional Design Service

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Gallery Wall Design

Everyone loves gallery walls, but they can be daunting to plan and get right on your own. If you’ve just been wondering what to do with blank wall spaces and some great photos on your phone or memory stick, then consider this service for a classy display upgrade. specialise both in designing wall artwork and helping you find stunning ways to display them room by room. 

 How to Order consultation:

  1. Complete payment for the €129 consultation.
  2. We will send you a short questionnaire about your project and instructions for uploading your photos. We then begin the design process !

 Your €99 Design Package includes:

• A personalized consultation with a professional designer based on your project needs

• One custom designed gallery wall layout. This is a true-to-scale gallery wall layout complete with your images displayed.

• Any photo image files you provide will be professionally colour-graded.

• Final measurements and hanging plan.

 Optional Add-on Services:
(a) Complete Manufacture Package: All of above design plus liaising with your local picture framer/photographer/printer to manage the process of ordering & the manufacture of the Gallery Wall.

(b) Manufacture Package Plus Installation: All of above design and liaising with your local picture framer to make the gallery wall plus the installation of the gallery wall on your premises.

We negotiate best prices and oversee professional finish.

Note custom picture framing can be expensive because it is time & labour intensive. Having the design plan & exact specifications cuts out a lot of expensive consultation & design time.  It also makes pricing between picture framers easier too.

  GALLERY WALL IMAGES: This service is based on images supplied by the client (OR alternatively stock images/art prints sourced by & approved by the client). We can provide bespoke limited art prints, embellished art canvases and also custom design art based on your specs. 

When you are happy we are happy. So if you have any problems or questions, just message. This design service is suitable for residential or commercial premises. For any add-on services we will quote separately.

🔺Custom Art Gallery Wall is a made to order item ©️ 



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